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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About butterflys

All butterflys have antennae is for them to hear sounds and balance.

Butterflys have nectar to get honey from flower to flower.

Butterfly have colourful wings to fly to get some honey.

Before butterflys were born their mums and dads met while they were flying. The mum butterfly lay some 100 babies they are called caterpillar. Went caterpillar was born, they first meal is there eggshell.

Caterpillar grow big in 7 days to 12 days to 18 days.

Caterpillar eat leaves and caterpillar have lots of feet so they can grip on to branches.

Caterpillars grows chrysalis its will feel like soft, squidgy and jelly.

The caterpillar push and shove in the caterpillar shrysalis when its grom it become a butterfly.

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